"Jenny has been visiting me for the last three years and I always look forward to the lovely, relaxing, reflexology treatment from her. As well as being an excellent therapist, she has also become a personal friend and I recommend her to anyone."


Portsmouth, Hampshire

"I've had several Reflexology treatments from Jenny and they have been the best treatments I've had.  On one occasion I was suffering with Sciatica and her treatment made it instantly 50% better!  During the treatment I had a hot flowing sensation all up my leg and afterwards the pain had  eased dramatically."



"I have been having treatment with Jenny for the last 9 years. Her approach to making you feel relaxed and comfortable is very calming. She has given me reflexology for Plantar Fascitis and Sciatica with excellent results feeling much more eased of pain and very feeling very relaxed. I would recommended Jenny to anyone who has not tried reflexology before, as it is a very effective way to reach all parts of your body to help most ailments."


Horsham, Sussex

"When I had a treatment with Jenny I found it very relaxing and rejuvenating.  I thought it would tickle, someone touching my feet, but it was actually really comfortable and soothing. I would recommend Jenny to anyone."


Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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