Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping well and safe? Its been a very strange time for us all, the only good
thing about Lock Down is that we have had some good weather.

I am writing to you all, to keep you up to date with Reflexology treatments. Some of you
might already know that I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR), this is
their website should you wish to find out more about them https://www.aor.org.uk/

Being part of AOR means I had to take extra exams to be allowed to become a member. This also
provides the additional benefit to certain clients who have health insurances to be able to reclaim
their costs, so please check your documents. Another stipulation is that you have to be insured,
which of course I am.

The Government have agreed that Reflexologists can start treating their clients from July 4 th 2020
and the Association will keep us updated of all the legalities as we move forward out of Lock Down.
The following is how it would work for me:

1) Before visiting a client, I will carry out a Risk Assessment with yourselves over the telephone
(this Risk Assessment form will be available to me by 4 th July from the AOR).

2) You would need to provide your own recliner chair, armchair and footstall or outside garden
floating chair, towel, blanket and music.

3) On arrival I would wear a uniform that I can change out of for each client, gloves and face
mask. I would double check with yourselves that nothing has changed from the initial Risk
Assessment. If changes have occurred unfortunately, we would have to rebook.

4) All entrances should be opened by yourselves to allow me access to your home,
minimalising any risk. You should also wear a face mask and if possible, have the window

5) At the start of the treatment, I would dispose of my gloves, sanitise my hands, then
commence the treatment in the normal way, using my pump action cream.

6) Once the treatment has finished, I will sanitise my hands and put clean gloves on.

7) On leaving, all entrances should be opened by yourselves for me to exit.

8) A change of uniform will then take place ensuring no contamination for the next client.

For those who live closer and who would prefer to visit me for their treatment, I have purchased a
gazebo so we can be out in the fresh air (it will be enclosed to ensure privacy). This means you will
be able to arrive and leave through a side gate avoiding contact with other people in my home. For

peace of mind the treatment room would be cleaned down thoroughly with anti-bacterial cleaner
before and after each client. Towels, etc will be washed in a 60-degree wash after each treatment.

I know it all sounds unfamiliar but it is mainly for your safety. My aim is to leave you feeling happy
and content not with a problem so we need to take the correct procedures.

Anyone living in a residential/nursing home would have to make sure the management are happy for
me to visit and if they have guidelines.

I hope this reassures you and that you would feel comfortable and safe during your treatment.
These procedures have been put in place to ensure confidence and to protect us all during this time.
If there are any changes moving forward, these will be monitored and adhered to, as necessary.

Should you have any questions or information you think that might help me, I would be most
grateful to hear from you.

On a personal note, I look forward to catching up with you all and enjoying some relaxation time

You can contact me on 07899093286 or email jennys.reflexology@gmail.com to book an

Take care!!

Kind regards


Jennifer Dell (MAR)